Injections1. Determine in advance what you’re going to prick, in what quantities, which are needed for this needle, and where you do the injection (in the buttock or thigh).

2. Be sure to check the shelf life of drugs used.

3. Gather together everything you need for injections – drugs, needles, syringes, alcohol swabs, etc.

4. Wash your hands with soap and water and a place where you do a shot, soap, wash away completely.

5. If the drug is packaged in a sealed vial, remove the protective cap and wipe the rubber cap with alcohol. If the drug in the ampoule, take a fine nail file and gently in a circular motion, the inscription around the neck. Then forwards to break off the neck of the vial. At the same time, so as not to injure the hands, the ampoule may be further wrapped with a napkin.

6. The syringe and needle should be new or properly sterilized.
If you use the drug in the vial, pull the plunger of the syringe at a volume equal to a drug that you will use, insert the needle into the vial through the rubber cap and press the Anabolic steroids: the elimination of illiteracy plunger, releasing the air in vial. Reaching the end, turn the vial upside down and slowly pull the plunger, drawing the drug into the syringe until the desired amount. Then pull the needle out of the vial.
If you use the drug in the ampoule, insert the needle into the open vial and retracts the drug in the syringe to the required amount, and then take out the needle from the vial.

7. Turn the needle up, knock on the walls of the syringe to get rid of air bubbles that may remain on the inner walls of the cylinder. in some cases, if an oil solution is used, it may take about fifteen minutes. When all the bubbles rise to the needle, gently press the plunger, so that the drug began to come out of the needle.Wipe the injection site with cotton wool soaked in alcohol.

8. Hold the syringe like a pencil, insert the needle into the injection site in one quick push. Insert the needle into three quarter length, not more; if the needle broken off, it will not be very difficult to pull out.

9. Insert the needle correctly, slightly pull on the plug. If the syringe easily enters the blood, so you got a blood vessel and it is necessary to change the injection site. If there is no blood, press the plunger, injecting the drug. Writing speed – about 15 seconds per cube. cm., slowly and carefully.

10. When all of the drug administered, quickly pulling the needle. Cotton swab moistened with an alcohol wipe and massage the injection site. It can be a little bleeding, do not be alarmed, this is normal.

11. At the injection site can be put antibiotic on the swab and fix plaster. All waste from the remaining procedures emissions.


1. Always use new or sterilized needles and syringes; Never use disposable needles / syringes again, do not let others use tools Twomey.

2. For most steroids suitable needle number 21 or 22 (I wonder how this relates to our national standards?), For injection suitable length of about 2.5 cm, for the buttocks – 3.5-4 cm.

3. The amount of drug that can be entered at one time in one place for men 5 cc in the buttock and 4 cc in the thigh for women – 4 cc in the buttocks and 3 cc – in the thigh.

4. When insulin injections always use special needles and syringes for insulin.

5. Closely monitor your body’s reactions to the injections -. Inflammations, infections, allergies, etc. If the injection site appeared dark spot, a painful injection site – go to the doctor. Most doctors, though not prescribed steroids, but nevertheless can help to deal with the side effects of their application, to monitor blood tests and to ensure that everything worked as it is necessary in your body.

6. The most important aspect of any injections – sterile, watch this.

7. Never let anyone else touch your needle. If the needle has got someone in your hands, I fell on the table, the floor, etc. -. Replace the needle or carefully wipe it with alcohol. The protective packaging from the needle can only be removed immediately prior to injection.

first open the vial with the solvent (as the open read above). Score the solvent from the vial into the syringe, and then open the ampoule (vial) with the powder formulation and slowly pushing the plunger add solvent to a powder. Gently mix contents, stir in a circular motion, do not shake. The solution should be clear and free of undissolved particles of the drug. Now type the solution into the syringe for injection. The needle when it is necessary to change to a new one. It takes away from the syringe all the air bubbles, wipe the injection site with a cotton swab moistened with alcohol, and then inserts a needle into the injection site. This is usually the top of the thigh or buttock. Make sure that the needle does not hit a blood vessel (see. Above). If you still got – Carefully remove the needle, throw the syringe with the contents and start all over again with a new syringe, needles and medication. After injection, the injection site can be closed by an adhesive tape, if necessary.

Insulin injection 
Insulin can be administered at any place on the body where there is fatty tissue. The area of the abdomen – the most commonly used site for insulin injections.Nurses, however, injections of insulin, and in other places – the buttocks, thighs, upper arms … At the injections is important to remember that the next injection should be at least 3 inches from the previous one, if this is not taken into account at the injection site may be formed thickening of the skin and scars


Anabolic steroids: the elimination of illiteracy

Anabolic steroids85To quote myself as about half a year ago: “The truth is that all AAS different Share them on any two groups – is like seeing the world in only two colors – black and white truth lies in the fact that testosterone.. It was and remains the most powerful drug with regard to muscle building, that is, put simply – the most powerful anabolic “However, there have testosterone (as well – and methyltestosterone). another difference, which sharply distinguishes it from the total number of aND. which is, in fact, often have in mind when they speak of “androgenic activity” it is -. the ability to turn testosterone with the direct participation of the enzyme 5-a-reductase di gidrotestosteron (DHT) in the case of methyltestosterone this transformation takes place in 17. methyl-dihydrotestosterone, which is slightly more powerful than the actual DHT. good or bad? paradoxically, but both good and bad.

DHT binds to the same receptor – AR (androgen receptor), and that testosterone, it also circulates in the blood stream – DHT level in blood plasma is approximately 10% of circulating testosterone levels. The complex of “AR-DHT” more stable (approximately three to five times) than a similar complex with testosterone. That is to say, the formation of DHT – a way to enhance the effectiveness of testosterone in target cells. It would seem – super! Do not rush, not all as good as we would like …

In humans, two types of 5-a-reductase type 1 is in the skin and is the dominant enzyme of the skin of the head where hair grows. Type 2 is in the genital skin, prostate and other tissues them. It follows that the dihydro-testosterone is mainly responsible for the growth of internal male Health Cycles genitals, the penis during puberty (puberty, speaking in a simple way), as well as the hair on the face and body. This hormone is responsible for the occurrence of acne. At the same time, an increase in muscle mass and increased libido depend more on testosterone than that of DHT.

It turns out that all the “androgenic” testosterone troubles come from his conversion (partial) to DHT? In general, yes, but not in a hurry to inhibit this conversion by using inhibitors of 5-a reductase. Practice shows that simultaneous injection with testosterone reception preparation such as “Proscar”, leads to a substantial reduction of the effect of the first application. This is due to the fact that the positive effect of DHT on the central nervous system, resulting in an increase of power performance and reduce recovery time. So not all “andro-genic” bad.

In addition, it was found that digidrotesto-of testosterone is an anti-estrogen drug …! DHT suppresses the activity of estradiol in the tissues, but not only – it also significantly reduces the conversion of testosterone to estradiol rating by inhibiting aromatase activity. Moreover, the use of a transdermal cream containing as an active ingredient di gidrotestosteron allows to deal with gynecomastia (albeit in stages, which can not be called running).

Testosterone and fat deposition

Repeatedly I am saying, but I will repeat it again – testosterone does not bear any responsibility for what you are “fat swim” during the course and collects excess water. If this were so, then all men with elevated levels of testosterone in the blood would suffer from obesity. You all know very well that it is quite the truth. On the contrary – to obesity tend to just those men who have testosterone levels below normal. As for the “pharmacological component”, the responsibility for such unwanted metamorphosis taking place in the male body lying on estradiol – estrogen, which is converted into “the most important” male sex hormone. This is certainly true about the accumulation of water, with respect to fat accumulation, there is, as it turns out, all is not so simple. Firstly, it is worth noting that testosterone helps to activate lipolysis process. Yes, it promotes, through the activation of a-2 adrenergic receptors, which gives approximately the same effect as the activation of p-2 adrenoceptor using clenbuterol. Secondly, very interesting it is the fact that moderate aromatization just gives “green light” to “on” fat-burning properties of testosterone – the use of androgen on the background of aromatase inhibitors has not found his fat-burning abilities. Indirect confirmation of this fact is the experiment on laboratory rats, in which injections guinea 17- (3-estradiol. It was found that this drug in a dosage of about 500 micrograms per kilogram of body weight results in a significant reduction of body fat in male individuals. Of course, rat – not the people, but still …

From the above it can be concluded that only the excessively elevated oestradiol level in the blood of men may lead to excessive accumulation of fat. However, the main responsibility for this lies not hormonal changes, and intemperance in eating – on the stage set of “weight” some athletes consider it possible not to limit yourself to anything.

Effect of different AAS on the liver

Remember the old “horror stories”: “Do not eat” methane “- liver” fall off “!” But methane is even necessary for such a terrible “is” effect. With regard to the oxymetholone (Anadrol, Anadrol, androlika), the liver, in theory, should shrivel and disappear when your only one wrong glance at the “terrible” drug. Well, we all are well aware that all these “horror stories” about us not write, they only frighten the neophytes. But even the “far advanced” in “zahimichiva-of” athletes with due wary of oral drugs, bearing in mind that they are all (well, almost all) alkylated to 17-well (even if you do not think of what it is, it sounds still impressive), and therefore – potentially hepatotoxic. Hence the recommendation not possible to combine two oral medications, may not exceed (again – if possible) the daily dosage of “anabolic tablets” in the 50 mg etc. You may ask: “What, is not that so?” Not really.

Recent studies show that oral anabolic steroids really potentially hepatotoxic. But only potential and not to the same extent as previously thought. Until now, data on hepatotoxicity-sti anabolic steroids were based mainly on the study, dated from 1979, in which 131 cases were considered gepatoangiosarkomy. In 4 cases out of the 131 th (3%) suffering from a disease took AAS. However, there was no link established between the intake of AAS and the emergence of the disease. Until now communicates directly only 0.4 gepatoangiosarkomy cases per year (2 cases per 5 years) in the United States with the use of anabolic steroids, which, given the number of Americans regularly consume AAS (over 1.5 million), it seems simply ridiculous figure.

The same applies to adenomas of the liver. So far it recorded only one case of adenoma associated with the use of an anabolic steroid – oxymetholone. Why so few? After oxymetholone considered whether the “enemy of the liver №1» barely? The fact is that oral AAS (as, indeed, the same alcohol) does not have a direct toxic effect on the liver, and only make the body work in a mode of increased activity. Continuous hard work of the liver, in the end, leads to pathological changes in it. How fast? Even in the case of regular alcohol consumption when the activity of the liver is almost constant at around 100%, it needs at least a few years. By the way, the aforementioned adenoma was the result of a continuous reception times of oxymetholone (not as an anabolic steroid, oddly enough, and as a treatment for anemia) for six (!) Years.

Proceed directly to research. One of them has been shown that the use of oral AAS lead to increased activity of the liver but not to the extent that it does ordinary ethyl alcohol. Particularly “distinguished” methyltestosterone, oxymetholone and, somewhat less, stanozolol. However, it was, again, just to increase the activity of the liver, and then to a level that is close and can not be called critical. None of these drugs hepatotoxicity was not observed.

Further. It has been experimentally proved that the use of a 900 mg oral AAS week for 8 weeks did not lead to drastic changes in the liver activity, not to mention the pathological. Finally, it was demonstrated that emerged beyond the norm as a result of oral AAS hepatic livelihoods back to their original values as a result of the failure of three tablets of anabolic steroids. So, do not exceed a reasonable dose of oral AAS, take breaks in their application, in general, do everything with the mind – and your liver will not be affected.

Health Cycles

Health CyclesNo one doubts that anabolic steroids are the most effective means of muscle growth. But only if their reception is performed intelligently and logically. This suggests that people apply the “chemistry” has to follow certain rules. Those who take steroids divide them into loops. Most understand a steroid cycle 10-12 week use a single drug or a single combination of 2-3 steroids followed by a long “vacation”. This type of steroids not rezultativen because during a long pause, a significant part of the achieved strength and muscle mass escapes. These “effective” cycles continue to be used because many “practitioners and theorists,” “the chemistry” asserting that the steroids are only a few weeks or more parts of their reception (more than two times per year) increases the risk of organic damage. As for the limited admission of action I can say is this: if it was really so, then today’s competitive bodybuilding still would have been thirty-year-old level.

As regards the second statement, that is, the danger of organic damage, let me tell you that if this statement were true, then professional bodybuilders was not, because they would long ago have become extinct. In addition, we all know that the professionals use “chemistry” constantly. For them it is a usual thing, you do it yourself can see, looking at the photos in various magazines on The list of banned drugs bodybuilding. And if the athlete, for example, in 24 years have world-class athlete and has a good muscular physique, it is clear that he has many years of experience of steroids. Under certain rules of application of anabolic steroids, I know many, following one after another regimen of drugs, taking into account the peculiarities of each individual receiving the steroid and the purpose of each individual athlete, as well as the quality of the drugs.

First, let’s begin with a relatively low dose and raise them slowly and gradually to maintain a positive nitrogen balance in the muscle cell, as, for example, oral steroids start to operate for several days after the beginning of reception and at the same time entail quite rapid saturation of receptors. Their reception can limit 6-8 weeks and then move on to another (oral) steroid. Scientists have found that a combination of 2-3 steroids in moderate doses is not only much more efficient, but also guarantees a longer period of exposure, as if taken only one steroid at high dosages. Thanks to properly chosen combination, the effectiveness of different steroids increased significantly. For example, the combination of Deca-Durabolin as a basic anabolic steroid Sustanon as androgen stimulating fast recovery when overloads and oxandrolone as nizkoandrogennogo power of the drug does not retain water, just the optimal combination of what you could use. Stimulation of different receptor types for a limited period of time will give better results than using one type of steroids for a long time.

The drugs may be stored over several months in the case steroid combination is reversed for a period not exceeding 8 weeks if stronger athlete combines mainly with androgenic cycles weaker predominantly anabolic, thus permanently altering the dosage of drugs. The slow and gradual reduction in the dose of the end of the cycle helps re-moralize the function of the body and prepare it for a pause in the use of drugs. These schemes are examples of how athletes use steroids, but the reader should not take this data either as advice and has in any case, but as a guide to the use of anabolic steroids.

№1 program
This program contains two extremely popular steroid combinations. The combination of “methandrostenolone / Deca-Durabolin” is intended for the rapid buildup of strength and muscle mass. To avoid high levels of estrogen and huge accumulations of water in the body, it makes sense to further the introduction of an anti-estrogen – antagonist Nolvadex and estrogen – Proviron. Gonadotropin normalizes the reduced testosterone production. The subsequent combination of “Primobolan / Winstrol” consolidate the newly built mass and help get rid of excess water, which had been delayed during the first phase. If the cycle is ended with “methane” fiasco and deck would be very likely. Through the use of different cyclic steroid receptor saturation is minimized. The two-week break in reception (ninth and tenth weeks) helps restore production of testosterone and provides steroid receptor time to “rest.” Therefore, the subsequent combination – Primobolan / Winstrol will operate more efficiently. Starting with 17 weeks, you should start taking clenbuterol. This will be done to stop the catabolic phase emerged to support the strength and quality weight issue. Clenbuterol is used 120 mg per day for 4-8 weeks. You can have the fourth week of receiving clenbuterol stop taking it, and then start a new steroid cycle. But experienced people still take clenbuterol required eight weeks.

Judging by my own experience, №1 program can use and beginners, only in smaller doses.

A week Methane deck G-Tropin Nolvadex Proviron Primobolan Winstrol
1 15 mg / d. 200mg / n.
2 20 mg / d. 200mg / n.
3 25 mg / d. 200mg / n.
4 30 mg / d. 300mg / n.
5 30 mg / d. 400mg / n. 10 mg / d. 25 mg / d.
6 25 mg / d. 300mg / n. 10 mg / d. 25 mg / d.
7 20 mg / d. 200mg / n. 10 mg / d. 25 mg / d.
8 15 mg / d. 100mg / n. 5000 IU / n. 10 mg / d. 25 mg / d.
9 5000 IU / n. 10 mg / d 25 mg / d.
10 5000 IU / n. 10 mg / d. 25 mg / d.
eleven 200mg / n. 100mg / n.
12 200mg / n. 150mg / n.
13 300mg / n. 150mg / n.
14 300mg / n. 150mg / n.
15 200mg / n. 100mg / n.
16 100mg / n. 50mg / n.
17 5000 IU / n.
18 5000 IU / n.

In principle, the gonadotropin is recommended when using strong androgenic preparations (Sustanon, etc.). This same scheme can be used in the Clomid dosage of 50 mg per day in two doses after meal with water.

№2 program
When using the “user” of the program achieved significant №2 simple strength and mass. Deca as a high-anabolic stimulating protein synthesis and only moderately androgenic steroid and non-toxic continuously used all 20 weeks. Receiving methandrostenolone limited only 6 weeks since muscle growth using “methane” begins almost immediately, but it often happens that its effect begins to wane starting at 6 weeks of application. Thus, the athlete uses the full opportunity metandrostenolona as it alkulirovan 17 alpha-methyl group and thus is toxic to the liver. Therefore, its use should be a short period of time. Introduction of testosterone enanthate, the most powerful of these three steroids, provides another notable push for the achievement of progress. Through the use of various drugs, the end result will be better than when the athlete would use and methandrostenolone, deck and all 12 weeks. Use the Table of gonadotropin and Clenbuterol helps to raise testosterone and mitigate emerging after discontinuation of steroid catabolic phase. The duration of the “maple” depends on the specific goals of each individual. Experience shows that four weeks is sufficient to provide the basis for subsequent steroid cycle.

A week Methane deck Testosterone enanthate gonadotrophin Clenbuterol
1 15 mg / d. 200mg / n.
2 20 mg / d. 200mg / n.
3 25 mg / d. 200mg / n.
4 30 mg / d. 200mg / n.
5 30 mg / d. 200mg / n.
6 25 mg / d. 200mg / n. 7000 IU / n.
7 400mg / n. 250mg / n. 7000 IU / n.
8 400mg / n. 500 mg / week.
9 400mg / n. 500 mg / week.
10 200mg / n. 500 mg / week.
eleven 200mg / n. 500 mg / week.
12 100mg / n. 250 mg / week. 7000 IU / week.
13 50mg / n. 7000 IU / week. 80 mcg / day
14-20 50mg / n. 7000 IU / week 120 mcg / day

№3 program
A favorite course of many athletes. Each steroid is used only for three weeks. The chip, which is present in this cycle is that the use of each steroid for three weeks did not saturate the receptor facilitates, unlike the situation where the steroid 1-2 would apply all the time.

Steroids very short period of time gives very good results, while small dosages cause fewer side effects. As a rule, one should begin with the most potent steroid and step by step should be to move to a less toxic and androgenic steroids. Nolvadex and Proviron should enter into a cycle of 3-4 and 12-14 weeks.

A week Anadrol-50 Sustanon Methane Parabolan deck G-Tropin Klenbut.
1 50 mg / d.
2 100 mg / d.
3 150 mg / d. 250mg / n.
4 500mg / n.
5 500mg / n. 20 mg / d.
6 25 mg / d.
7 30 mg / d. 152 mg / n.
8 228 mg / n.
9 228 mg / n. 400mg / n.
10 400mg / n.
eleven 400mg / n.
12 200mg / n. 7000 IU / n.
13 7000 IU / n. 80 g / d.
14 7000 IU / n. 120 g / d.
15-20 120 g / d.


The list of banned drugs

banned drugsS1. Anabolic agents amphetamine, amphetamine, benzphetamine, benzalpiperazin, bromantan, cathine ***, clobenzorex, cocaine, kropropamid, krotetamid, tsiklazodon, dimethylamphetamine, ephedrine ****, etamivan, ethylamphetamine, etilefrin, famprofazone, fenbutrazate, fencamfamin, fencamine, fenetylline, fenfluramine , fenproporex, furfenorex, heptaminol, isometheptene, levmethamfetamine, meclofenoxate, mefenorex, mephentermine, mesocarb, methamphetamine (D-), methylenedioxyamphetamine, methylenedioxymethamphetamine, p-methylamphetamine, methylephedrine ***, methylphenidate, modafinil, niketamid, norfepefrin, norfenfluramine, octopamine, ortetamin, oksilofrin, parahydroxyamphetamine, pemoline, pentetrazole, phendimetrazine, phenmetrazine, fenprometamin, phentermine, 4- fenilpiratsetam (carphedon) prolintane, propylhexedrine, selegiline, sibutramine, strychnine, tuaminoheptane and other substances with a similar chemical structure or similar biological effect. amphetamine, amphetamine, benzphetamine, benzalpiperazin, bromantan, cathine ***, clobenzorex, cocaine, kropropamid, krotetamid, tsiklazodon, dimethylamphetamine, ephedrine ****, etamivan, ethylamphetamine, etilefrin, famprofazone, fenbutrazate, fencamfamin, fencamine, fenetylline, fenfluramine , fenproporex, furfenorex, Estrogens and estrogen antagonists (Antiestrogens) heptaminol, isometheptene, levmethamfetamine, meclofenoxate, mefenorex, mephentermine, mesocarb, methamphetamine (D-), methylenedioxyamphetamine, methylenedioxymethamphetamine, p-methylamphetamine, methylephedrine ***, methylphenidate, modafinil, niketamid, norfepefrin, norfenfluramine, octopamine, ortetamin, oksilofrin, parahydroxyamphetamine, pemoline, pentetrazole, phendimetrazine, phenmetrazine, fenprometamin, phentermine, 4- fenilpiratsetam (carphedon) prolintane, propylhexedrine, selegiline, sibutramine, strychnine, tuaminoheptane and other substances with a similar chemical structure or similar biological effect.

Estrogens and estrogen antagonists (Antiestrogens)

antagonistsGynecomastia , that is, breast enlargement, has become a hallmark of the power and curse of Sports. Larger men grow breasts, but it is not in transsexuality.Everything is much easier – to blame steroids. Evil demon inflicting effeminate men, is a female sex hormone – estrogen. Actually estrogen is a group of female sex hormones are synthesized in the body and the ovaries regulate specific sexual functions. Rather it would speak of estrogens because they have two (in both women and men). The main and most powerful of them – 17-beta estradiol, which is mainly obtained in the ovaries of progesterone. Smaller amounts can be obtained from testosterone by enzymatic reactions. In the male body the whole estradiol produces an enzyme, called aromatase. Even the one that stands out in the testicles (. Simply, eggs Here is the scientific name, not to be confused with women’s ovaries – author’s note.), Derived from testosterone released by the Leydig cells by enzymatic conversion in the Sertoli cells. Second, a weak estrogen – estrone. It is also synthesized by the ovaries of allocated adrenal androstenedione. Estrogens are naturally present in the male body, as have a number of important functions. Many areas of the brain contain estrogen receptors. In 1981 godu it hypothesized that estrogens regulate the level of luteinizing hormone and hence testosterone in men and animals of male gender. Around the same time it was suggested the possibility of (safe, although too radical) increase testosterone levels by inhibiting synthesis of estrogen; German scientists have published similar speculation. In addition, estrogens are involved in the regulation of libido, sexual desire ie, maintain an acceptable level of high density lipoprotein ( “good”) cholesterol and regulate fetal development of the placenta. In addition to all the above, testosterone and estrogen work synergistically – without their mutual muscles will not grow.Therefore, maintaining the balance in the male body is as follows: we are going to reduce the level of estrogen just enough to prevent gynecomastia, and the rest of them are still regulates libido and level of “good” cholesterol. Those who take anabolic steroids, there are two possibilities. Either they will avoid steroids, convert to estrogen or anti-estrogen agent How to build hand – professional advice 10 used. Even “clean” athlete would like to raise the level of testosterone. And antiestrogens provide such an opportunity. Because these drugs are widely used (as fixed assets) in the treatment of estrogen-dependent breast cancer, we have a choice. There are four broad categories of antiestrogens: non-steroidal antagonists, steroid antiaromataznye means antiaromataznye synthetic remedies and natural aromatase blockers. Let’s talk about some of them.

Non-steroidal estrogen antagonists

These drugs were discovered in 1980 and originally used as a means to prevent estrogen-dependent cancer in women (see, for example, a review of:. Pharmaceutical Chemistry Journal, 1990, No. 5, pp 4-7.). Later, bodybuilders and other athletes who abuse steroids, have begun to use them to fight gynecomastia caused by large doses of anabolic drugs.

Novaldeks  (tamoxifen citrate) is the most famous in the world of bodybuilding. This is one of two commercially available nonsteroidal antagonists (second – Clomid). Hormone antagonist structurally correspond to a receptor for the hormone, so that the latter can not exert its effect. Theoretically, the antagonist must not in any way affect the receptor, without causing any effects. In fact, the hormones antagonists cause problems. Novaldeks – a classic example of an antagonist, giving very different results. The man Novaldeks on one cell acts as an antagonist on the other – both estrogen.V a new generation of derivatives of tamoxifen, virtually non-estrogenic effect over the coming years. But now Novaldeks effectively blocks estrogen in some women with breast cancer. Some women are resistant to the drug, and their blood levels of estrogen may even rise According to some scientific data, men Novaldeks reduces the size of the swollen breast, but only if it did not come to the formation of benign tumors. Otherwise, the best (and usually only) operation is salvation. No studies proving Novaldeksa effect on the estrogen receptors in the brain controls various hormones that regulate the synthesis of testosterone. In other words, Novaldeks not affect the synthesis of the hormone. It is interesting that according to the comments of some male bodybuilders Novaldeks slows muscle growth (although women observed the opposite effect). Rather strange phenomenon! Possible side effects include gastrointestinal upset, dizziness, skin rash. As an anticancer agent taking one tablet (10 mg) twice a day. Now we continue the study on the use of tamoxifen, a long-used cancer drug, Novaldeks has estrogenic effects in the uterus and therefore can trigger cervical cancer.Female bodybuilders still use it as a means to redistribute fat. He’s a bit active, but in this role for a long time does not justify the cost. Novaldeks antiestrogen remains a favorite for bodybuilders. As the “curing” means before the event it is used by both men and women. Men taking steroids via Novaldeksa prevent gynecomastia and reduce the size of the tumor (benign) breast. Since antiestrogens seem to be specific to breast tissue, their use for this purpose seems the best solution. Although many people take these drugs, noted an increase in testosterone levels in the blood, and the cases are marked increase estrogen levels.

Clomid  (clomiphene) was originally to work as an estrogen antagonist. In fact he has a dual action (agonist / antagonist) and ie blocks the effects of estrogen receptors and mimics the action of luteinizing hormone, estrogen increases synthesis in the ovaries. When it was found that long-term use of Clomid causes cysts (bubble growths in the ovaries, it began to prescribe short courses (up to 5 days) to improve fertility, however, for Clomid men has a very useful dual action:. It blocks the effects of estrogen and increases testosterone levels. It looks like Clomid is safe for men with a long reception, but no reports of its effects on libido Clomid blocks the effects of estrogen and also increases the level of testosterone men usually use two tablets per day (see: Dan Duchaine estrogen blockers – MuscleMedia 2000, February…. 1997, p. 138)

Steroid antiaromataznye means

Proviron  (Mesterolone) – a steroid having antiaromataznoy activity. Such formulations are usually androgen and testosterone competes with androstenedione at the level of the enzyme cytochrome 450, changing its estrogenic activity and preventing action. The most famous among them Proviron. Its shortcomings are obvious: as the androgen, he joins the androgen receptor, and shows the corresponding side effects. For men, it does not seem a particularly serious problem;however Proviron has a strong affinity for testosterone receptors and displaces most out of anabolic steroids without giving any anabolic effect. Therefore, it can compete with steroids in muscle cells and to slow or even stop the growth of muscle. Proviron is used by both men and women to “cure” before competition, and the men take it as a remedy for gynecomastia. This is not the best anti-estrogen for women, since it is a potent androgen like testosterone. However, for short-term use of steroid Proviron bad consumers, even though it may displace steroids receptors in muscle cells. His most often used in conjunction with Anadrol-50.5-alpha-androstenedione. Very strange and promising antiaromataznoe means; It seems more promising than the “Flavon X” (chrysin). Production of estrogen in the placenta is regulated natural adrenal hormones – dehydroepiandrosterone metabolites. Estrone is synthesized from androstenedione, and the androgen secreted by the adrenal glands – the main source of estrogen in postmenopausal women. The same enzyme 5-alfareduktaza converts testosterone to “sverhandrogenny” DHT from androstenedione and generates a 5-alpha-androstenedione (5AA). However, human studies on the impact of this drug, no, and we have no idea what should be the therapeutic dose for moderate suppression of aromatase activity. Moreover, subsequent enzymatic reactions can convert 5-alfareduktazu inactive ingredient.This drug directly asks in the studies conducted on men! Another cool feature: 5-alfareduktaza goes well with undecylenate boldenone (Equipoise). So if this drug will ever be commercially available, you will see a large number of illegally produced Equipoise. Although 5-alfareduktaza might have the same qualities as the other steps in this article a substance, it has not yet been tested on humans, and it remains a great mystery.

Teslac.  This medication can be called steroid antiaromataznym means, as it turns out bacterial fermenting progesterone and structurally similar to androgens.However, it does not have any androgenic effects, although increases testosterone levels in men. Unlike aminoglutethimide, also synthetic antiaromataznogo preparation Teslac not affect other enzyme systems. Since Teslac acts very short period of time, usually the day you need 4 doses of 250 mg. It is commonly used in studies on the effect of estrogen on the libido and the level of “good” cholesterol as the primary means of antiaromataznoe. Teslac – a very effective medication with reduced side effects (although sometimes it lowers libido or violates cholesterol profile). On paper Teslac antiestrogen seems ideal, as it prevents the synthesis of estrogen, and does not interfere with their action after selection. He’s not too good dlyazhenschin as a young female body is a big part of the estrogen, progesterone from the ovaries, and Teslac is not affected.

Cytadren  (aminoglutethimide) – “King” antiaromatase. If the dose reaches 2.1 grams, it has an adverse effect on the activity of other enzyme systems. A decrease in the levels of aldosterone, cortisol, and even testosterone. But if a woman of childbearing age is resistant to tamoxifen, Cytadren can literally save her life because the dose of about two grams per day fully stop the allocation of dehydroepiandrosterone, so it stops the synthesis of hormones derived from it (all estrogens, progesterone). Remember: trying to remove estrogens, you should know exactly what you want to achieve! Without estrogen (as a result of receiving powerful antiaromataznyh drugs) you are sure to become impotent, the risk of getting heart disease (because of the low level of “good” cholesterol), gaga (estrogen in the brain to improve intelligence) and, among other things, acquire a predisposition to osteoporosis. A recent study examined the brothers and sisters who were born without estrogen. Men achieved growth of more than 210 cm (estrogens cause the closure of the growing ends of the long bones, stopping their growth), but the bones are soft and porous. Cytadren reception in a very low dose (250 mg per day, i.e., one tablet) causes a sharp drop in men aromatase activity and a corresponding increase in testosterone levels without significant side effects. As a means of kushigi syndrome, used in high doses (2 grams per day), Cytadren is not suitable for sports. But very small doses (250 mg daily) cause an increase in natural testosterone levels almost without any side effects. However, against gynecomastia Novaldeks better, since it is specific to the breast tissue.

Arimidex  (anastrozole), it seems the most powerful among antiaromataznyh synthetic drugs. Actually men it may be too powerful! For post-menopausal women with low estrogen levels and ill breast cancer, it is almost perfect: one milligram per day in just a few days removes all traces of estrogen. Period poluvyvoda preparation – from 30 to 60 hours (!). Due to the high activity Arimidex can arrange a mess in the male body, even at doses of 1 mg / day. Perhaps it turns out that the effective dose to increase the level of testosterone – a quarter of a tablet every two days. In terms of doses Arimidex – the most profitable and Effectiveness of all antiestrogens. This drug is the most recent and promising. Over time, we will find doses that result in higher levels of testosterone in men without decreasing libido.He’s not very good for women as it does not act on the ovaries, and they continue to emit large amounts of their own estrogen. But to increase testosterone levels in men Arimidex just fine. However, it is not known whether it may prevent or reduce gynecomastia as Novaldeks.

Alfa naphthoflavone Flavones  – natural compounds that have the properties of antioxidants, antibiotics and antiviral agents. Alfa naphthoflavone has the most powerful effect antiaromataznym: it is 10 times stronger than aminoglutethimide. Some other synthetic flavones, biochanin A, and for example 4-methyl ether of genistein not only weak inhibitors of aromatase, but also possess oestrogenic activity

Flavon X  (chrysin, 7 hydroxyflavone) – is not the most powerful of flavones. The approximate daily dose of the compound – about one and a half grams. Although chrysin to 6 times weaker than the synthetic alpha-naphthoflavone, he nevertheless strongly inhibits aromatase than Cytadren. However, chrysin is not perfect: it disrupts the work of other enzyme systems, including 5-deyodazy which converts T4 – L-thyroxine (thyroid hormone) into a more active T3 – triiodo-L-thyronine. It would be interesting to compare chrysin with other so-called “legitimate” means antiaromataznymi – 5-alpha-androstenedione. Eventually, one of these additives on the market probetsya. It looks like chrysin has all the attributes antiaromataznyh funds – that is, raises testosterone levels and prevents gynecomastia, but can not be sold on prescription. In addition, he visibly useless for female bodybuilders. Praise lavished Dyusheynom this drug seem to be greatly exaggerated, especially against the background of the following critical comments (blame Shortcuts on the publication could not be found to us).


Possible health problems arising from the “two-legged guinea pigs” who are trying to raise natural testosterone levels with help of various antiaromatase, due to the fact that hardly any of them will do blood tests required to monitor cholesterol levels. Remember that some amount of estrogen needed for the male metabolism.We need a method of trial and error to find an acceptable balance between the capacity for work in the room, in bed, and health. That’s why we strongly recommend you to work with a doctor who would monitor your blood condition in experiments with one of these compounds. Of course, there are exceptions – men who do not care about the excess estrogen. Well, go to the navel with sagging breasts! Small dictionary “curing agents”: a drug that reduces the level of estrogen, so that the level of thyroid hormones (thyroid hormone) increases and fat from the skin begins to diverge. As a result, the skin becomes thinner, and can be seen through it all, even the smallest muscle. This process nazyyvaetsya curing.

Gynecomastia:  breast enlargement in men above normal due to the high content of estrogen in the blood. First there is a swelling and then formed benign tumor.At the initial stage helps estrogens. However, the tumor can only be removed by surgery. Increased levels of testosterone: male body begins to produce less testosterone, when he feels that it is converted into estrogen (as with steroids). If lower levels of estrogen, the brain gives the body the command to produce more stimulating hormones. This phenomenon is well known for decades, but only recently builders have started to use it in practice.